Herzog Motor Sports 
Do it the right way the first time 
Doug was born in LaHarpe Illinois (home of Fred Gibb Chevrolet) and raised on the farm out in the country where lonely black top roads awaited speed inflicted young men to test and tune their 60s muscle cars. Z28s Big Block Novas, Camaros and Chevelles. Impalas to Vegas all were everywhere while growing up. Even his mom had a 68 396 fastback Impala (when first learned a TH400 will shift outta first by it's own about 5800 or so) Since the age of 14 if turning a wrench it took well then let's get to wrenchin' he'd say. Still today building and restoring muscle cars nearly 50 years later.  
Fluidampr Wagon
Come take a ride with me
Fun driving the Fluidampr Wagon a 23 degree iron straight plug headed small block with a couple Holley 4 barrels in front of a glide and yes all the windows roll up and down with bench seat still in place. This 3910 lb. grocery getter is as much fun to watch as it is to drive. This is an 1/8 mile pass at Gateway. Round win over a Cavalier. The track will disappear right before your very eyes ! Double clic after opening for full screen. Enjoy